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Want to reserve your new furbaby now?

Just click the Add to Cart Paypal link below to make your $100.00 deposit to reserve your kitten.  Please make sure to include in the message of the paypal transaction the name of the kitten that you are reserving so that I can list that baby as reserved for YOU!!!

In the event that 2 people reserve the same kitten before I can update the website, the person that placed the payment first will have rights to the kitten.  The other person may either select another kitten or have their otherwise non-refundable deposit refunded! The only other situations in which you may have a deposit refunded would be in cases of extenuating circumstances (at my discretion) or if you place a deposit for an unborn kitten and the kitten you were looking for was not born.  In this case, you will be notified as soon as the colors/patterns become distinguishable, and given the opportunity to select from the other available kittens, allowed to wait for a future litter, or offered a refund of your deposit. 

Thank you for your interest and we hope you join our family by bringing one of our babies into your home!

I can also be reached by phone on my cell at (518) 281-0036 Reception is terrible at our home so please leave a message and consider sending an email contact as well!  My phone carrier has erased many saved messages in the past and I hadn't written the needed information down!