Kitten 14:

Male Seal Lynx Bicolor

​​NOT Available

​RESERVED for SHERRY and family!

Kitten 10:

Male Blue Mitted


Sparkles and Hubert

Moonie and Junior

Kittens 6:

Female Blue Lynx Bicolor


Abbie and Stanley

Tory and Hubert

​Welcome to

Ragdoll Ridge



ragdoll Kittens

​For Sale

Kitten 9:

Female Blue Lynx Mitted

NOT ​Available

​​Reserved for Tyler and Maryna!

Kitten 3:

Female Seal Tortie Bicolor

NOT ​Available

​Reserved for Michelle and Family!


For those taking babies home, I will provide a starter supply of food and litter.  If you would like to keep your baby on the same food that he or she has been using I purchase my food and litter at tractor supply.  I use 4 Health Grain free whitefish and potato. For litter I use a pelleted pine litter that is marketed as an equine bedding.  The babies here start using the litter box early and clay litter has caused some to get sniffles in the past so we don't use it.

Kittens 5:

Female Blue Lynx Bicolor

Not ​Available

Reserved for Pat 

Kitten 8:

Male Seal Mitted

NOT ​Available


Reserved for Marcy and family!

Kitten 1:

Male Blue Bicolor


Reserved for Pat

I DO accept deposits for kittens.  $100.00 deposit will hold your kitten! The order in which kittens are picked is based on date of deposit. I have a few deposits of people waiting for particular markings, Get your deposit in so you have good picking position!

Get your deposit in now to reserve your new furbaby!!!

Kitten 7:

Male Seal Lynx Mitted


Current Kittens:

Kitten 11:

Female Blue Mitted


Kitten 13:

Male Seal Lynx Bicolor

​NOT Available


​RESERVED for SHERRY and family!

Kitten 2:

Male Flame Mitted or Bicolor 


On kittens 7 through 11

Colors may be Blue or Seal... they are still a little too young to tell... I have written my best guess!

Kitten 12:

Male Seal Bicolor

 Not ​Available


​Reserved for Jaclyn

To make a deposit on these or upcoming babies use the button below. Pet price $750.00. Breeder price is $1500.00 only to approved programs.

Kitten 4:

Female Blue Cream Tortie Bicolor

NOT Available

Reserved for Joanna and Family!

NOTE: If you are selecting one of these babies and you have ALREADY placed a deposit you can consult with me first to complete your payment.  I will change the paypal button to reflect the price minus your deposit.  

We are located in Argyle NY!

Over the summer we worked really hard in order to have a nice new start for our family. We renovated a home and created new spaces where everyone will have nice clean areas to live, grow, and play!!!

We are expecting a number of litters ready for Christmas time!  Many different colors and patterns expected!

See more below!!!!

To purchase one of these cuties for your family please follow the PayPal link under the chosen kitten!

A PayPal button for deposits has been added to the bottom of this page and the CONTACT US/RESERVE page if you prefer to make a deposit and pay the remainder at pickup. DO NOT forget to tell me in the message which kitten the deposit is for as I base my reservations on date of deposit! For more information please see our CONTACT US/RESERVE PAGE!

Any prices listed are for PET prices only and paperwork will show that the kitten will not be used for breeding.  If you are interested in purchasing a kitten with a full registration please contact me before completing a payment :)

Pet $750.00 Breeder $1500.00 to approved homes only.