Cinder And Twilight (aka Baby T)

These lovely gals came to us from Fuzzy Love Bengals.  Thank you Lori for allowing us to love Cinder and Baby T! Cinder (on the right) is a Silver Smoke Bengal that is ridiculously friendly and thinks she is a person.  She wants to be petted NONSTOP although doesn't want to be held lol!  Baby T (on the left) is a brown spotted Charcoal bengal and she is wonderfully curious and friendly!  Even though her name Baby T stands for Twilight, we affectionately call her Baby Terror because she is so mischievous! 

​​Ron, Brown Rosetted boy! NOT Available Going to Meagan and Family in Texas!!

Petite ​​Silver Rosetted boy! Available


Our Stud, a lovely Brown Spotted Import Bengal with high contrast and a loving personality

 Belle and Bentley!!! 


Had one perfect little baby girl!!! 

​She may be staying here, but here are pictures for you to enjoy!!! Still let me know if you are interested!


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Percy, Silver Rosetted boy!

NOT Available Going to Meagan and Family in Texas!!!

Harry, Silver Rosetted boy! 

Not Available Reserved for Mariah!

Large Brown Rosetted boy! Available

Here at "Ragdoll Ridge" we have always specialized in happy healthy TICA registered ragdoll kittens.  However, over the years, many people have asked me about bengals. Wistfully, I thought back to when I first started considering breeding cats and remembered the challenge that I had between choosing Ragdoll or Bengal??!!  Due to the respective personalities and having young children around I decided to go with the more docile and calm Ragdoll breed.  

We have expanded to include some lovely spotted wild type kitties to our home!  Please enjoy meeting our newest feline family members and their babies:

Cinder and Bentley!!! 


Had two perfect boys!!! 

Hermoine, Silver Rosetted girl!

Not Available

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Our first girl, a lovely Snow Bengal with gorgeous spots and beautiful blue eyes! We are struggling to get Sneggy pregnant, we may be going to the vet to see if they can help us figure this out!  If not, she may be available to a pet home.